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Thesis/Dissertation Consulting for Ph.D or Master’s Degree Candidate

Are you having problems with Design of Experiments for an academic research or engineering report?

We have been working over 15 years for our clients(students) with industrial statistics and Design of Experiments   in various subjects. ANOVA and Response Surface Methodology(RSM)are the most frequently requested ones for their academic research. We can help you from your research design to thesis defense with affordable fee ($250~$400)for your success.

All the experimental designs and analysis will be performed with one of the world renown statistical analysis software, Minitab, and R by your request.

We will use your data only for your academic research, and we will provide you all the statistical data, graphs, tables, and code for your thesis or dissertation writing.

Contact for Free Quote

We need to review your research plan or project scope first for a quote for you.

We prefer to communicate through email to understand your research scope, project goal and required outputs.

Email me your research plan or project outline to [email protected] or call us to have a quote.


Payment is available with credit card, or PayPal account to begin a project when you accept the quote.

Please click the PayPal button bellow to pay and put the price of the project in the checkout page.


We will email you all the documented outputs of statistical analysis for your review.

If the outputs are enough to meet your research requirements, and when you are satisfied with the outputs the consulting process will be closed.

We will support your experiments until your thesis or dissertation is accepted by your committee.

We have consulted over 15 years for graduate students on Design of Experiments, RSM, and MIxtures for their Master’s degree, and Ph.D degree.

The typical process for thesis/dissertation consulting for a degree is as below:

Steps for thesis, dissertation, and engineering project consulting

Step 1. The client submits purpose of theses, outlines, and hypothesis for experiments to consultant

Step 2. Consultant consults with client to have a consensus on scope and final output

Step 3. Consultant submits a quote to client for a review

Step 4. Client pays consulting fees when accept the quote

Step 5. Consultant provides client with designed experiments with templates for recording data 

Step 6. Client conducts experiments and submit experiment data to consultant

Step 7. Consultant provides client with a formal report including the outputs of statistical analysis, graphs, code, tables and conclusions

Step 8. Consultant keeps supporting client until the end of thesis defense

Step 9. Consulting is closed when the thesis or dissertation is accepted by committee

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