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Experience breakthrough improvement of your process and product with design of experiments.

We are working with project base for DOE consultation.

We offer you the best way for optimizing your process and product with affordable budget. 

Response Surface

DOE for Process Optimization

The first step for a DOE consulting is understanding specific problem and sharing project goals with clients.

We are working with you as a team from the very beginning of a project.

When project scope is much broad, we normally do a sequential experiments to move quickly and safely to the optimal region where the optimal solution exists. It is very secure way to prevent large amount of waste of raw material and to minimize risks.     

If a process is characterized enough to build a full 2nd order model of Response Surface Methodology, we implement experiments for optimization directly.

You can save time to solve problems with well organized strategy for design of experiments, and learn how to work with DOE thinking pursuing better solution with curiosity.  

Basically the budget for a DOE consultation depends on project scope, and the level of process characterization, however, normally one problem can be solved with an affordable budget in a range of $1500 to $2500.

DOE for New Product Development

DOE is very effective to verify new product design and to confirm the level of functions as well. Based on our experience we believe that fixing failures and defects in the early stage of new product development is 1000 times cheaper than the cost of fixing failures in mass production stage.    

We can offer you product/system testing strategy as well for robust new product development.

On Site Training

Master how to optimize your process, product, and machine with DOE!

Our hands-on DOE training programs cover various industries with customized data and cases.

You will learn how to design and analyze experiments with computer to solve problems in various industries.

If you bring your data or experiment cases done by your people, we can help you to review your data and experiments in the class.

We arrange a customized training program to meet your requirements.

The world renown Minitab statistical analysis software will be utilized during the training.

The hands on training with Minitab software and cases allows you to practice DOE concept effectively.

Basic DOE / RSM / Mixture Experiment

Basic DOE


Mixture Experiment

Minitab Software for DOE training

In order to provide you with appropriate training services we use the latest version of Minitab statistical analysis software for  the DOE training.

Minitab has long been used as an essential part for Six Sigma initiatives, and many companies and universities in the world have been using Minitab for data analysis and quality improvement.

In this DOE training, participants will learn how to design Factorial Design, Fractional Factorial Design, Central Composite Design, Box-Behnken Design, Simplex Design, and  Extreme Vertice Design  and more. They will learn to analyze a variety of real world experiments with the right statistical tool, and interpret  experiments to optimize output.

Who should attend DOE training

Job roles that can benefit from Minitab DOE training include, but are not limited to: quality professional, Six Sigma professional, quality engineer, manager, researcher, scientist, continuous improvement professional, process engineer, design engineer, and problem solver in various industries.

Central Composite Design

Contour plot of RSM

Mixture Experiment with Process Variables

Central Composite Design

Contour plot of RSM

Mixture Experiment with Process Variables

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